Thursday, May 21, 2009

live blog from class

Welcome to the wonderful world of the School of the Bible classroom.

Theoretically, we are discussing economics right reality, at the moment the discussion is centered around authority, who has it in various situations, and what is right. (For example, when is it right for the government to intervene in a situation with children, what happens when people pray for healing but don't seem to receive it, etc.) I love some of the discussions we get into here! There is quite a bit of variety in our class here, in age, experience, country of origin, etc., so the discussions often get quite lively.

Eventually, the discussion usually gets back to the topic du jour, but it takes a while sometimes. :)

It is hard to believe that the year is almost finished here at School of the Bible. It has been a busy year, but a good one. There is still a lot on my plate: preparing my final project (a paper and 45 minute teaching on the book of James), our regular homework, gearing up for my one-month outreach to Nepal, etc. It gets a bit challenging sometimes-my brain can feel so full that there seems to be no more room for even one more fact, no matter how valuable. But, overall, it has been a good year and a real time of growing.

A continuation of current class conditions-now we are discussing the free market economy and how it has changed in the past few years. What did Wal Mart music look like two years ago, and what does it look like now, because of the popularity of digital music services?

To switch back somewhat to the subject of a previous paragraph, my plans after outreach are to stay on here and help staff the next School of the Bible, which will start in September. (I get back from outreach at the very beginning of August.) It is still a real time of change and growth for me, but I'm excited. God is so good, and I'm excited to see what will happen in this new season that is opening up.

Well, I had better wrap this blog entry up for now. It is almost time for a break in class anyways.

God bless y'all! (I'm still learning to speak Texan)

p.s. if anyone who reads this blog uses Twitter, I recently joined, so you can now follow my frequent, rather random updates. My handle is missionsgirl. :)