Monday, October 20, 2008

monday night musings

A mellow monday evening. All of my homework is finished, and I have the chance to contemplate, perhaps read a good book, and just chill out. Homework tonight was reading Leviticus 1-13. The description of some of the different kinds of offerings, Aaron's ordination, and how to identify your garden-variety clean and unclean animals.

We also had an informal outreach meeting tonight. Our first outreach for School of the Bible is next month-a "leadership outreach". Basically, we will be interning at a church, "job shadowing" the pastor, and getting a better feel for the internal workings of a church. The cool thing about School of the Bible is that you have a lot of flexibility in basically setting up your own outreaches.

Myself and four others from the school will be traveling to Ohio to do our outreach at a church pastored by a guy named Mike Huckins, who taught in our school for hermeneutics week. (basically a college word for biblical interpretation. Feel free to make use of it to impress your friends and family. ;)

There isn't much else to say right now. It has been a good day, and I am interested to see what all we will discover as we look at Leviticus this week. Oh, and I am really, really glad that we didn't get any Greek homework last friday, since I would probably be doing it right now instead of writing this blog! More on that another time.

Until my next musing,

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