Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend roamings, and ponderings on Deuteronomy

Howdy Y'all!

Oh, the joy of monday mornings. After two cups of coffee, my brain is fully functional, and life is happy. ;) I hope that everyone who is reading this has had a wonderful weekend, blessed with good weather, good friends, and good fun. (I suppose bad fun would be an oxymoron.)

It is finally starting to feel like fall here, or at least the Texas equivalent. Temperatures in the 70s, so we can still wear t-shirts, but not be sweating all day long. :)

On saturday, I joined some friends for a 3 mile walk at a local park, with wonderful weather and the chance to pick a friend's brain on some of the customs of Nepal. (She has been there before, and I will probably be going there in July for our final outreach.) We topped it off with a visit to a locally well-known burger joint. In the evening, I spent some time with another friend, who is attempting to teach me the fine art of sewing. Perhaps I will post some pictures, after I complete my first project!

This week in class, we are spending some time looking at Deuteronomy. A book that is often thought of as a boring book of laws. We will be taking a closer look at these laws, and asking what God's purpose was for them-just some restrictions, or loving boundaries to keep His people safe, holy, and happy. Are these laws even obey-able? Another question we will be looking at. We will also be reading the book of Ruth towards the end of the week.

I don't have any deep thoughts on this book of the bible yet, but I'm looking forwards to taking a closer look, asking a few questions, and finding out more about who God is by even the seemingly "mundane" laws He gave in the Old Testament. I would challenge everyone to do the same. Take another look at the books that seem unimportant for today, ask a few questions about who God is-you may just be surprised at the answers!

Well, happy monday everyone. Enjoy the beginning of a new week. I will try to post more as the week goes on and we learn more about Deuteronomy.

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